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Bill Bowker Consulting and Corporate Team Building
Bill Bowker has been a very successful business man. His unique Team building methods are being studied in the curriculum of the Business program at Wilfrid Laurier University. Bill has used his motivation skills in the private sector and teaches at the Canadian Hockey Associations coaching seminars. Bill is a Master Mentor Coach both in hockey and the business community. His ability to Team build and apply it to the corporate community has impacted business and helped prepare business leaders and the athletes of tomorrow.

Businesses and Hockey Teams need a critical path and a yearly plan to succeed. Coaching employees and athletes to a common goal are the same.

Corporate Seminars
  • Team Building for Tomorrow
  • Coaching Today’s Sales Force
  • Awareness Commitment and Responsibility

Athletic Programs
  • Team Clinics
  • Summer Training programs
  • Mental Preparation for Today’s Athlete
  • Nutrition for Sport
  • Selecting Your Team Captain

For further information on Seminars or Presentations for your Corporate business or Hockey Association please contact
Bill Bowker directly 1-613-277-4139

"To Raise The Athlete From Excellent Hockey To Hockey Excellence!"