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Camper Tips
Please note that we have a policy with no tolerance for peanut butter. There are students who have an allergy to peanut butter -- so please don't pack any peanut butter sandwiches or cookies for lunch.

If your child has an allergy that may require medical attention during the week please speak to a staff member when you arrive.

Make sure that all of your child’s equipment is CSA Approved, safe and fits properly. If you have purchased new skates for this season please try to get your child out to public skating in order to break the skates in before hockey school starts.

Tec-Tac starts Monday morning at 9:00am so please arrive around 8:15am to get registered and receive your Tec-Tac sweater and Name Tag and meet the staff.

Dressing rooms will be supervised and staff will be available to help students get dressed and tie skates for the Atom and Novice camps.

Your child will be on the ice from 9:00am until 12:00 noon with a flood every hour and then back on the ice from 2:00pm until 4:00 pm.

We would never leave a student unattended at the arena after hockey school finishes at the end of the day but we do ask that you are on time and pick your child up by 4:30pm each day.

Please be sure that your child’s equipment is dried and aired out each day after camp for health concerns and to avoid getting into wet equipment each morning.

It is mandatory that your child has clean, dry clothes and socks to put on after the morning skate and before lunch. Dry skate socks are important to help avoid blisters.

There will be outside activities after lunch (weather permitting) so your child will need running shoes, shorts, T shirts, spare socks and a water bottle.

Please bring plenty of snacks and drinks to have between floods: Snacks, Granola bars, Juice, Gatorade, Power aide. We do not want your child to get dehydrated by Wednesday.

There will be a closely supervised lunch break from 12:00 until 2:00pm.

Students are not allowed to leave the hockey school during the day or lunch break unless the staff have been notified or prior arrangements have been made with a parent.

A healthy lunch is required. If Mom or Dad does not have a chance to make a lunch, the canteen at the arena will be open for lunch each day for Tec-Tac students.

If you have any questions please contact Bill Bowker at 613-277-4139

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